Between the Waves

by Rodrigo Braga

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Between the Waves was my debut solo album, in which I drew from my Brazilian roots to lace the singer-songwriter genre with Bossa Nova and Samba styles.

In 2008 I flew away on a round the world trip with my guitar and discovered some beautiful and inspiring places. This album is a collection of the songs I wrote while I was away and naturally have a much more relaxed tone than my previous records.

Colourful melodies are a constant theme of this album, following surprising chord progressions and infectious rhythms. In between, the songs were made sweeter with the help of string quartets (
Onda Nova), tuned percussion (Soothe), brass bands (Eagle Bay), haunting a cappella harmonies (Lament) and the exceptional musicianship of the UK's next generation of jazz musicians (Ant Law, Kevin Glasgow, Gabriel Latchin, Doug Hough).