Ocean of Orbs

by Sub-Opt

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"Celestial bodies circle the solar system and exert their pull on the Sun just as the Sun pulls the planets into their solar orbits.  Within each of us, our desires and volitions guide and govern us like weighted orbs circling our souls.  And like the sun, our souls radiate power and energy to make these volitions true.  Among the Ocean of Orbs that govern our lives, each of us must find their equilibrium and manoeuvre their system towards the goals we crave."

Ocean of Orbs was Sub-Opt's second full length album, with Rodrigo Braga and David Weigl joined by guitarist and co-songwriter Ant Law, as well as Tony Higgins on drums. With the new line-up came a new name 'Kobaya'. The album was recorded with producer Garry Boyle in Edinburgh and leaned more heavily on distorted guitars and hard rock beats.

The biggest riffs on the album belong to tracks Astro Soul and The Black Forest Bear. Ant Law's experimental influence on The Evil Weevil was made more eponymous by the song being essentially about the effects of Vodka on Mr. Law. More beautiful numbers include Dionysus, a swan song to the dying of one's dreams, Holy War, a harmony-laden call out on the idiocies of sectarian violence, and Bubble, a kindergarten-esque ballad about finding inner peace.

The songs were first performed live at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in 2007 in Glasgow (UK) when the band supported Acoustic Ladyland.